Why I Stopped Using Amex Credit Cards

Why I Stopped Using Amex Credit Cards



I used to love spending on my American Express credit cards and earning those sweet, sweet Membership Rewards points. 

The American Express Platinum card and the American Express Gold card played a significant role in my core credit card setup for a long time.

But after using these cards for several years, I’ve decided to cut them as primary cards on my roster, and in this video, I'll tell you why.

Here are the 4 main reasons why I stopped using my Amex credit cards:

1. I don't travel much internationally

2. Amex multipliers are not that competitive (with high annual fees)

3. Multiple Statement Credits

4. Recent Welcome Offer Changes

I still think American Express is an excellent company with very compelling cards, but I won't be using them as primary cards for spending.

Out of my 7 current American Express credit cards, I plan on closing about half of them, so watch this video to the very end to find out more!

Why I Stopped Using Amex Credit Cards