Your Balance. Alexander Lyadov

Your Balance. Alexander Lyadov

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Your Balance

Imagine you're walking along a mountain trail near a cliff. Suddenly, you stumble and lose your balance. You can't just continue walking like nothing happened. Now, all your focus and strength go into regaining your balance. But why?

Falling means losing control over yourself. You become entirely at the mercy of gravity and chance. The active subject has turned into a passive object. Instead of a free individual, a slave. In essence, you cease to exist.


That's why stability isn't just about endurance, strength, reason, or creativity. It's the fundamental condition for everything else to exist.

It is important to maintain balance - physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Many forces from the outside and within constantly try to shake and push us into the abyss. The bad news is that it's an endless struggle. The good news is that your priority is clear.

As John Danaher, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach, put it: "If you can disrupt your opponent's balance, everything else becomes easier. If you can't do that, even the simplest actions will always be difficult. The major part of this game is the battle to break the opponent's balance while keeping your own. Everything else follows from that."

Alexander Lyadov