Your Career Boost. Alexander Lyadov

Your Career Boost. Alexander Lyadov

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Your Career Boost

Smart people don't fight for power within a company. It makes them show their worst qualities, and that's just too primitive.

It's more interesting when other people beg you to take that power. They see your value, and you're not dependent on anyone. The choice is yours – accept it or do something else.

How do you achieve that? Take on more responsibility.

But for what? For the things everyone avoids – managers, leaders, and owners.


Here's the algorithm:

1) Look at your company from an outsider's perspective.

2) Make a list of all its problems, considering the consequences.

3) Identify chronic issues that have been around for a while.

4) Try to find the few that give rise to the others.

5) Tackle the ones that intrigue you the most.

The advantage of this approach:

You have no competition in this territory.

People will appreciate any progress you make.

By solving the problem here, you can replicate the success anywhere.

Shareholders and CEOs will see you as a rare person who does care.

And congrats, you're now an intrapreneur.

Alexander Lyadov