Keeping What You've Got. Alexander Lyadov

Keeping What You've Got. Alexander Lyadov

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Keeping What You've Got

Growing, obtaining, or building something isn't easy.

But it's no less challenging to preserve, maintain or support.

Sadly, we tend to praise the first and underestimate the second.

Because progress is made by overcoming epic struggles.

And maintenance? It's the routine reproduction of known steps.

Like magpies, people grasp not what's valuable but what shines brighter.

But the secret is that without the second, the first can't exist.

You can't put out a fire with a leaky bucket.


Income growth doesn't matter if there is a faster rise of overheads.

A hunter is effective when he knows his home and family are safe.

The value of the maintenance function isn't immediately apparent.

For some, it takes earning a lot, and then losing it all.

The one who can achieve and preserve becomes unstoppable.

Alexander Lyadov