The incredible power of the hips. Джон Данахер

The incredible power of the hips. Джон Данахер

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The incredible power of the hips: We humans are physically very feeble compared with most of the other life forms in this planet, but one thing we do have going for us is the power of the hips. In standing position your hips can be used to block and lift even the heaviest and strongest opponents of you can get your center of gravity underneath theirs. With relatively little energy expenditure you can make even strong and heavy opponents topple and sometimes even fly. The two main choices will always be to get your hips in FRONT of opponents hips or BEHIND. Both offer many great throwing/takedown options. It is crucial you learn to harness the power of your hips. Even though the great majority of takedowns in no gi Jiu jitsu are variations leg tackles, the hips provide an excellent alternative - as well as a powerful counter to those leg tackles on many occasions. Start your training by learning to bend your legs to get your hips under your opponents, then stepping in either in front or behind, being sure not to rise in level in level as you do or it may be you flying over your opponents hips!

John Danaher