The Power of H2O. Alexander Lyadov

The Power of H2O. Alexander Lyadov

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The Power of H2O

All things considered, I need to drink 1.7 litres of water a day.

Losing 5% of body weight reduces an exercise's capacity by 30%. Dehydration increases the risk of ligament and joint injuries. Cognitive functions also decline.


It seems: Just drink whenever you feel thirsty. But no, that only gets you half the needed amount, at best. The thing is, when I'm into something, I forget everything else.

Client's problem. Writing an article. Reading a book. At that time, I'm absent, as if falling into a deep sleep. After a few hours, I wake up and feel like my body turned to wood, and my tongue became a sandpaper. The mind pushes the body's needs to the backseat.

That's why I drink water not when I want to, but when I need to. This means water should be with me all day long. Rituals help here. For example, before a workout, I prepare two thermoses with salted water. A cup of coffee always goes with a few glasses of water. And I never skip any water cooler on my way.

Water is so banal that its importance is easy to underestimate. But the further I go, the more I'm convinced that the secret to productivity is not exotic methods and pills. It's the fundamentals.

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Alexander Lyadov

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