What Are You Capable Of? Alexander Lyadov

What Are You Capable Of? Alexander Lyadov

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What Are You Capable Of?


I didn't go to the gym today, but I crawled out.

My rehab specialist suggested I do 300 squats with a 30-kilogram barbell. And that was just the beginning of a series of 9 leg exercises.

Before my meniscus surgery, I regularly did squats at home with a kettlebell. Usually, I did 30, 40, or a maximum of 50 repetitions. Then my muscles would get sore, letting me know I was approaching my limit.

I never thought about doing 300 squats with weight. But the trainer set the challenge, I trusted him, and, to my surprise, I did it.

In life, it's crucial to encounter someone who sees your true potential. They will gently but firmly push you to places you'd never venture on your own. In business, it could be a mentor; in life, a therapist; and in sports, a coach.

How can you recognize such a master?

High professionalism to avoid causing harm.

Life experience to put substance before form.

A connection with you as an individual, not just a client.

When such an alliance exists, you'll constantly amaze yourself.

Alexander Lyadov