When Time Has Come. Alexander Lyadov

When Time Has Come. Alexander Lyadov

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When Time Has Come

One thought freed me from unnecessary worries and concerns.

But first, I had to set all clients free.


How was it before? I met the founder and listened to his (or her) description of the problem. Usually, I had a hypothesis about the root cause and what might make sense to do.

The entrepreneur agreed to my conditions, eager to start, promising an answer soon. But then suddenly disappeared. I wondered, "Hmm, strange. The problem in his business is serious, and time is working against him. It seemed like he realized and was ready. What did I do wrong?"

It took time to hear the sobering voice: "Sasha, who are you to know if someone is ready or not?" The voice continued: "No, buddy, it's pride. Trying to control what's beyond your power. Maturing to change is a great mystery, no one knows it. Let him go. Everything has its time."

So, I became more willing to hand people the responsibility for their lives. Is your determination crystallized? Okay, let's get to work! Need more moments to ponder? Sure, don't rush, take your time.

Moreover, when I see doubts, I can dissuade the client. Why? Experience shows that wow results come only when we eagerly pursue the problem like two hounds.

And if I used to get upset about false starts, I'm now pleasantly surprised on a regular basis. After a month, a year, or even a couple of years, the founder or CEO suddenly writes to me: "That's it, now I'm ready."

I'm incredibly happy because we don't need to overcome resistance to what is. Now, we are united with great changes.

Alexander Lyadov

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