Why Success Today is a Myth? Alexander Lyadov

Why Success Today is a Myth? Alexander Lyadov

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Why Success Today is a Myth?

Why is it so difficult to judge your or someone else's success today?

Tomorrow, things may either crash down or soar up.


In both scenarios chance plays a big role.

In this sense, there is no today but only preparation for tomorrow.

It's the struggle to build future resilience in the face of fate's impending blows.

It's also about the skill of catching a massive wave when it comes.

Today tells us more about what we managed to accomplish yesterday.

So, what should we focus on if everything is so shaky and random?

We should direct our energy to where we have complete control.

In other words, we should build reserves and multiply our options.

Here, an option is the right to make a vertical takeoff one day.

The English writer William A. Ward expressed this well:

"Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."

Alexander Lyadov