To be or to appear? Alexander Lyadov

To be or to appear? Alexander Lyadov

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To be or to appear?

We drove to meet the mini-oligarch in our old Subaru.


We were the co-founders of an investment fund, my partner and I.

The Rolls-Royce of the oligarch, his office, and himself all screamed luxury.

Yet, this contrast didn't bother us at all. Why, you ask?

He was selling his factory, but we had the first $20 million in the bank.

Cash is the king, especially when the factory was drowning in debt in 2009.

A couple of years later, my partner had to buy a Porsche Panamera.

Our growing development business needed credit money.

While talking to bank investment committees, my partner gained insight.

Bankers assessed not only our financial flow but also our appearance.

It may sound silly and you may not like it, but that's a psychological fact.

In any deal, it's crucial to know which way the balance of power is shifting.

If you're dependent on the other side, every detail matters.

But if they're desperate for you, they'll forgive almost anything.

Alexander Lyadov