Brake Caliper Press (Red) by Snap-on, USA

Brake Caliper Press (Red) by Snap-on, USA


Features of Brake Caliper Press (Red) by Snap-on, USA:

• Newly designed plates allow for use on small single-caliper pistons found on light-duty trucks and medium-duty commercial vehicles

• Plates are 2-1/2 x 5-1/2", designed with unique geometry that allows the tool to be used on small and mid-sized vehicles all the way up to medium-duty commercial trucks

• Fine-tooth wheel allows increased 6.6° of swing arc allowing for increased accessibility

• Threaded parts are 3/4" on the male threads and 1-1/8" on the female side adding significant strength

• Works on single-, dual-, and quad-piston calipers; has a total spread of 1-3-1/4"

• Has a minimum spread of 1" and maximum spread of 3-1/4"

its great tool for brake calipers! only 2 limitations: 1) it doesn't fit for very big calipers (f550 for instance). solution- to use old brake pad to fill the gap 2) it doesn't fit for really small calipers (some models of Honda, Kia, etc)
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Brake Caliper Press BTCP600
Snap On Brake Caliper Press (Unboxing)
Snap-on Tools BTCP500 Brake Caliper Press
Snap On - Blue Point Tool Review. Blue Points BTCP500 Brake Caliper Press. By: Mechanic Life.

Lifetime Warranty, Non-Repairable, Warrantied for Materials and Workmanship/for as long as purchaser owns the Tools.

Application Information

Newly designed plates add the ability to service SUVs, vans, heavy-duty pick-up trucks and medium-duty commercial vehicles, as well as sub-compact vehicles

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